At Pressed Vibrance, it is our mission to provide and curate the resources, information, guidance, support and goods that will produce the greatest health impact for each unique individual.  It is truly our passion to help other people reach their wellness goals, and we need your help in doing this.

We are looking to identify people and groups who are doing meaningful work in our communities and that share the same philosophy of ultra-wellness and longevity.  We believe that we can make a greater impact on one’s health and wellness by coming together and being a complementary piece to the work that you’re already doing.

Our Preferred Partner program is about building a trustworthy, collaborative partnership that will help spread the word about nutrigenomics and wellness, as well as showcase some of the amazing work that others in the community have been doing.

Why Become a Partner?

Whether you are an influencer in the health and wellness space, a nutritionist or a personal trainer, or a practitioner, we believe we share the same philosophy.  We both want to guide and support individuals to empower their health and achieve their wellness goals. 

By acting together with a holistic, integrative approach for a healthy lifestyle, we can amplify our impact on one’s life, one’s family and one’s community!

How Will You Benefit?

By being part of our Preferred Partner Program, you will benefit from each purchase your referrals make through your affiliate link on your website, blog or social media channel.  You will have the ability to customize our product offerings, pick and choose specific products or packages that best fits your community and/or client base, and then promote them to your audience!

Moreover, you will gain a unique exposure and access to our customer base as being acknowledged as one of our Preferred Partners. You will get a dedicated space on our website under our “Preferred Partner” section, referring back to your own activities and doings. We’ll also make sure to communicate our partnership on our social media channels, including making posts about your services and activities!

Where to Begin

Becoming a preferred partner is an extremely easy and quick process. Simply fill out the affiliate request form on our website and we will get back to you to discuss next steps.

For any questions regarding the Preferred Network or any of the products, you can contact directly Eric Cooper by e-mail at or by phone on (847)-979-0069. We look forward to working with you and making a greater impact together!

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