Auto-Immune Disease Support Package

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Find the root cause.

There are a myriad of auto-immune diseases that are inflammatory-based. These include: lupus, ulcerative colitis, arthritis / ra, celiac, as well as many others.

Food is Information.

Did you know that you hold the power to turning on and off the genetic predisposition for certain inflammatory-based diseases? Nutrigenomics is the study of how your diet alters the expression of genetic information.

What you eat, you become.

No two bodies are alike. Our auto-immune support packages are different for everyone. Different foods can trigger certain genetic expressions in your unique body caused by inflammation. We work with you to support your unique needs and form a customized nutrition plan to lower inflammation and restore balance to your body.

Our ability to identify specific foods that cause inflammatory markers allows us to customize specific juices and elixirs for your unique needs.


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Individual packages may differ.


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