Cancer Support Package


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Good nutrition is especially important before, during, and post-cancer treatment. Cancer, as well as, cancer treatments can deplete the body of many important functions.  Our products are designed to help you not only battle cancer, but heal from the adverse affects of cancer treatments.

Research has shown that a body more alkaline is a body more able to fight and prevent cancer. Our Cancer Support items are designed to provide essential alkalizing nutrients for your body giving cancer a tougher time to thrive. While at the same time, providing ones body with optimal nutrients that restores balance and anti inflammatory properties allowing your body to heal.

Juice and Elixir Package:

Our package of organic cold pressed juices and elixirs helps bring essential nutrients into the body while nourishing at a cellular level. Our juices are packed with essential nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and gut promoting nutrients that can aid in balancing the body as well as being anti-inflammatory and alkaline.  

This package consists of:
– 5 16oz cold pressed juices
– 1 Fire Killer elixir

Homeopathic Package:

Our Homeopathic package for cancer support consists of mineral-rich bath salts containing the highest grade therapeutic healing essential oils.  These salts are naturally high in magnesium which is beneficial for restoring balance and function at a cellular level as well as providing a relaxing soak to help decrease stress levels.  

This package consists of:
– 5  Nourishing Bath Salt packets

Individual packages may differ.

The items listed below are ideal to incorporate during ones fight, and recovery from cancer. Our Whole Food Nutritional items are founded on supporting the body at a deep nutritional level.