Food Sensitivity Tests


The ALCAT test is a state of the art blood test that tells you which food and chemicals need to be avoided and which ones are safe. Based on this test, we can customize your juice program to help you overcome inflammatory symptoms and improve your condition.

Choose your type of test and find out where is the root cause of inflammation.


About 70% of illness can be prevented merely by changes in lifestyle, by managing stress and exercise, and eating a more balanced diet, which should include real whole food plant-based foods. Yet each of us is a unique individual, with unique characteristics of each individual’s biochemical and genetic makeup. Hence, diets must be personalized. We really truly are what we eat.

Why is ALCAT different?

The ALCAT test looks at how one’s immune cells respond to a vast array of food or other substances under conditions designed to mimic what happens in real life. Immune cells, when activated, produce both free radicals and inflammatory substances that can cause tissue damage and premature aging.

Classic food allergies involve IgE antibodies for which it is quite easy and obvious to identify an offending food as symptoms occur quickly. When it’s about food sensitivity, symptoms tend to be delayed and more subtle, often associated with chronic conditions. This is why the ALCAT test, state of the art testing for food sensitivities, is so useful; it detects the triggers of inflammation.

Large scale analysis

Over 470 substances can be analyzed by the ALCAT test such as foods, additives, colorings, environmental chemicals, medicinal herbs, functional foods, commonly used drugs and molds.

Food sensitivity has been associated with many conditions, including migraines, rashes, being overweight, arthritis, fatigue, respiratory conditions, GI disorders and many others. This test will enable us to customize your juice program and help you overcome symptoms which don’t respond to other therapies or approaches.


PV Preferred Test3

Signature package to test a broad scope of common and functional foods, and to learn about the true age of your body and cells.

comprehensive wellness 1_

Suggested option if you suffer from chronic inflammation such as skin or respiratory conditions for example, and don’t eat only organic food.

comprehensive wellness 2_

Suggested option if you do not avoid food additives and colorings, so typically if you eat mostly prepared foods on grocery store shelves.

comprehensive wellness 3_

Suggested option if you suffer from chronic inflammation and eat a smaller variety of food in your diet.

Only Food Tests_

The 50 food panel is recommended for children of 3 y.o. and younger. The 100-150 ones are recommended if you eat only organic foods.

Platinium Comprehensive_

 This tests package would present you with very comprehensive information about intolerances and sensitivities.

Platinium Plus_

This test package would present you with the most comprehensive information about intolerances and sensitivities.

Pediatric Wellness_

Suggested test for children who eat a limited variety of foods.

The Telomere Length Test

Telomeres are segments of DNA found at the ends of chromosomes. Research has shown they can be prematurely shortened due to an imbalanced lifestyle, as well as when exposed to environmental pathogens, oxidation, inflammation, and stress. This leads to DNA damage and contributes to early aging and cellular death. Inflammation is associated with aging and telomere shortening.

We recommend to take this test if you have experienced autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular disease, inflammatory disorders, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cognitive decline, and other chronic degenerative conditions associated with aging.

Researches has also shown that a lifestyle rich in plant-based whole foods, exercise, mindfulness, and stress reduction can prevent and reverse telomere shortening.


Phase 1: Blood Samples

You’ll receive your test kit delivered to your home. Pressed Vibrance can schedule a phlebotomist to come to your house (excluding New York State), or you can take the kit to your local blood draw laboratory.

Phase 2: Test Results 

The blood sample is received in the laboratory (CellScienceSystem) via an expedited courier while the cells are still viable. Test results are evaluated and then formatted into an easy to read and easy to interpret color coded report. For each test substance, cellular responses are categorized according to degree of reactivity.

Phase 3: Customized Juice Cleanse Program

Based on the results you share with Pressed Vibrance, we can customize your own juice cleanse program specifically for you according to your sensitivities to rebalance your body.

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Disclaimer: Pressed Vibrance does not intend to replace your healthcare provider.