Juice Cleanse

Choose your cleanse package and jump start your way to ultra-wellness.

3 or 5 day cleanse packages available with optional additional day.

If you are looking to do a cleanse for a shorter or longer duration, please contact us to create the optimal solution for your needs.

Group cleanse options available – contact us for more details! 

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Our cleansing restorative packages are an ideal for those who want to rebalance, detox, and find themselves on achievable pathway to ultra-wellness. Choose from three or five-day programs using a combination of our cold-pressed juices and elixirs.

No two bodies are the same, so why choose a cleanse package that is preset? Our cleanse packages are completely customizable and built to suit your needs. We also provide a custom elimination diet prior to your juice cleanse to ease your body into detoxification and to better your overall results.  This is what makes Pressed Vibrance different.

Not sure where to start…

Whether you are looking for a mild cleanse (incorporating juices and raw foods) or an alternative cleanse (spanning more than five days) we will work with you to customize your plan based on your needs and desires.

Some of the Vibrant benefits of our cleanses are:

Reset metabolism / Improved digestion / Reduced inflammation / Improved sleep / Boosted stamina / Strengthened immune system /  Impressive weight loss / Enhanced nutrient absorption / Supported pH levels by alkalizing the system / Increased health with essential phytonutrients/ Increased mental clarity / Reversal of chronic issues



Phase 1

Our process consists of an elimination “diet” for 5 days. This process of elimination allows the body help rid itself of inflammation and is geared towards getting the body back in an alkaline balanced state.

Phase 2

After the 5-day elimination, we move into the juice cleanse portion of the detox. This phase consists of consuming 5 cold-pressed organic juices per day with one Fire Killer for a total of 3, 5 or more days. A high alkaline, anti-inflammatory plant-based cleanse methodology has shown to be quite effective in reducing inflammatory based issues, while nourishing the body with essential nutrients. We suggest adding our infused alkaline waters for further beneficial properties and outcomes.

What to expect on your cleanse

Everyone is different in how their bodies respond from a natural plant-based detox. Generally, most of us will experience lower energy levels, nausea, and potentially a mild headache while our bodies naturally go through the detox process. It’s critically important to hydrate well during the elimination phase, as well as between juices during the juice cleanse portion of this process.

No two bodies are the same, so why choose a prepackaged, predetermined cleanse? Our cleanse packages are completely customizable and crafted to suit your needs. We also provide a custom elimination diet prior to your juice cleanse to ease your body into detoxification and to improve your overall results.  This is one of the factors that makes Pressed Vibrance unique.

Our cleansing restorative packages are ideal for those who want to rebalance, detox, and find themselves on an achievable pathway to ultra-wellness. Many people have used our program to get back on track, lose weight, support health, achieve or maintain appropriate blood sugar levels, alleviate chronic ailments, as well as simply feel more vibrant!   Our 3 day juice cleanse includes 5 juices/day, 1 Fire Killer elixir and a personalized elimination list.

“The Vibrancy one achieves when doing our personalized cleanses can’t be under-estimated. It’s hard work, it’s not easy for some, but for all – its worth it!”

— FAQ —

Yes, follow the elimination page and stick to a whole foods diet.

Yes. It’s recommended to consume the entire bottle

No. It’s important to consume all 5 juices per day on your cleanse.

Some of the best sources of protein are found in plants.

It is always best to check with your doctor when starting a new health regime or program, especially if you are on any specific medications.

Give us a call! We’re happy to walk you through the process and guide you to the best cleanse solution tailored for your personalized needs.

We generally need 48 hours for a cleanse order.

I can answer this is a number of ways: The first would be, don’t you want to feel the Vibrancy your body desires? We make it simple, doable, achievable, and at the same token, providing a deep resource to continue on your ultra-wellness journey.  We’re not a “cleanse company” – We’re an ultra-wellness and longevity company helping you get and stay at the right lifestyle. Feel the difference!

YES – every juice we press is delivered the day it’s made.

It depends on the type of cleanse one does, but varies between 1200 and 1300 calories per day. Nothing but plant-based calories – true goodness.

For some, yes.

No. While our cleanses are chalked full of nutrients, they do not provide enough calories to support both mom and growing baby. Calorie restriction is a no-no when pregnant or nursing!

Once your cleanse is selected, we will deliver your cleanse on a pre-selected day where your juices will arrive anywhere between 2 pm and 8 pm.

We offer credits towards a future cleanse prior to the start of your cleanse with a 72 hour cancellation. Should you elect to cancel your cleanse during the program, we do not offer refunds

We feel that the foundational methodology of doing a cleanse is to give your digestive system  a rest and to cleanse itself of toxins. That means, letting your digestive system have a few days off from digesting foods such as nuts.

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Cold-pressed juices allow your body to maximize the absorption of key nutrients that absorb in your blood stream rather than your digestive system – allowing for quicker absorption. Cold pressing is a technique that uses our custom hydraulic press that gently applies thousands of pounds of pressure to gently extract the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

With minimal oxidation (exposure to air) and heat, cold-pressing preserves these essential phytonutrients. This method provides the cleanest, smoothest tasting juice you’ll ever consume.

By using this method we are able to press 3-5 pounds of organic vegetables (or more) into a single 16oz bottle.


We spend a considerable amount of time on the little things, the things that matter, the experience of a product and how it makes you feel. This is what matters most to us.  Granted,  we’re pretty confident you’ll enjoy the taste of our products, it’s the feeling you get from our juices that is important to us.  It’s our unwavering commitment to the highest quietly of fresh organic nutrient dense produce that is the Vibrance you’ll feel.