Lupus Package

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Lupus is an inflammatory-based auto-immune disease. It’s of utmost importance to keep to an anti-inflammatory diet that includes fresh fruit and vegetables, minimal saturated and trans fats, and plentiful omega-3 fatty acids. The products in this package include cold-pressed juices, elixirs, infused waters, and a suite of anti-inflammatory homeopathic items such as bath salts, lotions, and oils. Further, our whole food nutritional supplements are ideal for people with Lupus.

Individual packages may differ.


Bone Broth  |  Elixirs  |  Green Juices  |  Spirulina  |  Fulvic Acid

Identifying the root cause of an autoimmune disease is critical to determine the path forward. Part of our packages may include identifying specific foods that may be triggering the inflammation that causes Lupus.


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