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We know that today’s landscape at the grocery store can make it a bit confusing and challenging finding good, clean, nutrient dense foods to help manage your ideal weight. Achieving ideal weight shouldn’t be complicated. We take the guesswork out of a healthy eating lifestyle. Pressed Vibrance can guide and support you on the journey to ultra-wellness in putting down the sugary drinks and fried foods and replacing them with delicious and nutritious hand-curated pressed juices, elixirs, and raw foods. Additionally, you will receive support and education as well as access to a trainer to focus on physical well-being. This recipe allowing for one to feel lighter, vibrant, and really, really good.

3-Day Weight Loss Juice Cleanse Program

Our functional weight loss cleanse is designed to help in reducing weight, and providing a nourishing cleansing foundation to promote moving forward with a more balanced lifestyle. Cleansing is an ideal way to kickoff the process of eliminating additional waste and toxins in the body. in addition, this creates a more alkaline body making the process of loosing weight much more effective.

This package consists of:
– 15  16 fl oz Cold Pressed Juices
– 1  8 fl oz Fire Killer Elixir
– 5 Day Pre-cleanse Elimination Guide

Maintenance Package:

Our signature maintenance weight loss package consists of a weeks worth of our Longevity cereal, which is rich in fiber that will help additional weight loss, and/or maintenance of ones ideal weight. The Cereal is rich in fiber and protein and a slew of essential nutrients.

This package consists of:
– 5  Longevity Cereal

Juice and Broth Package:

Our weight loss maintenance juice and broth package consists of 3 juices per week along with 3 of our restorative bone broths. Our broths are a significant tool in maintaining ideal weight by aiding in gut restoration – by sealing the gut.  Once the gut is restored, it is able to absorb nutrients and rid toxins more effectively leading to less belly bloat and and a more efficient metabolism.

This package consists of:
– 3  16 fl oz Cold Pressed Juices
– 3  13 fl oz Chicken Bone Broth

Individual packages may differ.

Over the years at Pressed Vibrance, we’ve helped many people reach their ideal weight by taking our functional lifestyle approach, rooted in an anti-inflammatory, high alkaline foundation. It’s really quite amazing to see the transformation, and ownership that people have when they realize they have unlocked the code to their best self!

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