Coffee or Tea, the traditional way of brewing uses hot water. How many times have you thrown away cold coffee/tea because you let them sit for too long? Although hot water enhances the aroma of coffee bean and tea leaf, cold-brewed coffee and tea bring the flavor and benefits to the next level.

At Pressed Vibrance, we offer cold-brewed coffee and tea that benefit to the body’s pH balance in order to gain better function and heal.

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We source from small, fair-trade organic companies who believe in quality and integrity. Grown in South American and Latin America, the blend is smooth. Our coffees are less acidic and high in antioxidants to provide you with a smooth finish. Loaded with superfoods, and anti-inflammatory properties to elevate one’s day. With our Non-Dairy Milks, enjoy our smooth plant-based coffee with no worries.

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Organic and plucked straight from nature, our clean teas are high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Tea is ideal for boosting immunity and longevity and including it in your daily routine is part of a balanced lifestyle. Choose from one of our scintillating flavors: rooibos, honey bush, green or black. Our variety is always changing.

Enjoy the taste and feel the difference.

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