Our clean and organic products are all plant-based and functioning. We create and produce healthy, cruelty and concern-free skin care products that really work.  We define our personal care products as “functioning” products because they are crafted to meet a particular need.

For example, our hormonal balancing salts have ingredients that have been shown to be effective to maintain hormonal balance. Muscle Aid, with its abundance of magnesium, alleviates muscle soreness.


Skin Health  |  Beautification  |  Relaxation  |  Menstrual Relief  |  Rejuvenation

It’s just as important to know what you are putting on your body as what you are putting in your body.  Your skin is your largest organ…treat it well!”

– Megan Cooper

ALL of our products come from the earth and are free of chemicals and dyes.  Can you say the same about your body wash, lotion or pain ointment?  Our personal care products use the highest quality whole food and plant-based organic ingredients including the finest grade therapeutic organic essential oils.

Our supplements are not what you would traditionally find in a drug store.  For starters, traditional supplements are usually made in a format that is very hard for the body to absorb leaving you with really expensive pee!  Because of this traditional supplements such as calcium and iron can leave you feeling nauseated as your body is rejecting the format that they are in.

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