Sports Performance – Train and Eat Like a Professional. Staying Disciplined On and Off the Field

We are all in different stages of physical fitness. Whether you’re a professional athlete, frequent your local gym, are on Day 1 of a ‘Couch to 5k’ training plan, or you’re just looking to improve your overall health, you’re probably trying to get maximum results out of your physical activity efforts.

As an athlete, you know the importance of nutrition and properly fueling your body in order to perform at your best. You may have heard of the 80/20 rule – 80% of your performance is based on diet and 20% is based on physical ability. Getting the proper nutrition to maximize your workouts is just as crucial as how you train and perform.

For optimal athletic performance, recovery and injury prevention, it’s essential that an athlete’s lifestyle consist of nutrient dense, anti-inflammatory foods, as well as foods and water with high alkalinity. You must also eliminate overly-processed, inflammatory, and sugary foods to build a strong nutritional foundation. If you want to get the maximum performance out of your body, you need to maximize the nutrients you are putting into your body.

At its core, nutrition is basic: avoid overly processed foods and eat an abundance of whole plant based foods. However, when you look at how nutrition can improve performance, things get more complicated. As you exercise, you are burning up energy or glucose, and leaving metabolic waste also known as lactic acid. Your body tries to remove it, but if the rate of accumulation of lactic acid outpaces your system, then your body will start to break down and performance will drop. With intense exercise, this is normal, but if you’re also eating a highly acidic diet, you are hindering your body’s ability to remove it.

The list of foods that increase performance is extensive, but you should also pay attention to which foods you should avoid. Limit your sugar and alcohol intake, as well as processed foods. There seems to be a new mindset of ‘rewarding yourself with a fatty, or “cheat meal” because you had a hard workout and you deserve it. This way of thinking is very counterproductive. It’s during your recovery time when your body needs to be given proper nutrients. You’re disciplined with your workouts, and the same should go for your nutrition. Eat the foods your body needs in order to perform at its best.

We fuel Champions here at Pressed Vibrance. Our Sports Performance & Nutrition Support Lifestyle package offers a wide variety of nutritional options to elevate and amplify athletic performance on all ends of the spectrum. From start to finish, we tailor this package to fit your dietary and sports performance needs:

  • Longevity Cereal – Start your day off strong with a bowl full of our delicious total body benefiting longevity cereal. It’s a true powerhouse of superfoods and brings balance to your day.
  • Protein Rich Snacks – All of our snacks are plant-based, organic and gluten-free. One key ingredient is our Chia Seeds, which are extremely absorbent. These seeds help convert carbohydrates into sugar – meaning your body will stay fueled for longer periods of time.
  • Cold Pressed Juices – Experience the vibrance in our small batch, organic, hand-crafted, cold-pressed juices. The juices offered in our Performance Enhancing Support Package are designed to support performance and recovery.
  • Alkaline Water – Another component to optimal performance and preventing fatigue is good hydration. Hydrating is extremely important for everyone, but especially for athletes. Alkaline Water has the same hydrating properties as normal water, but has a higher pH level, has antioxidant properties and a higher absorption rate. The higher pH level helps to neutralize the acidity in your body. The use of alkaline water is proving to increase competitiveness and overall performance in world class athletes. A diet that supports alkalinity is also recommended by sports nutritionists.
  • Bone broth – Bone broth is ideal for athletes as part of their post-recovery performance nutrition plan. Deeply nourishing, muscle recovering, mineral and electrolyte-rich, our broth is ideal for a post-game recovery, a long run, or other physical activities. In any endurance activity, having strong joints and balanced digestion is crucial.

From training to recovery, and meal planning and prep, we can guide you as you transform all of your sports performance nutritional needs.

When athletes commit to a nutritional plan as well as physical fitness goals, they will see drastic improvements in their stamina and endurance, resulting in better overall performance and recovery. As we continue to gain a deeper understanding of the role nutrition plays in performance, athletic achievement will continue to increase, more personal bests will be set and records will be continue to be broken.

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