Tips on how to have a Vibrant morning routine.

Your Mindful Morning: Our Best Tips for a Stress-free Day

          How do your mornings start off? Do you wake up naturally with the peaceful sound of birds chirping outside feeling well-rested? Or do your mornings start stressful, with the blaring sound of an alarm, a screaming kid, or your boss calling first thing? The way the morning starts can set the tone for the rest of the day. If you start off stressed and rushed, it’s hard to move back into a place of relaxation and calm as a day full of responsibilities begins. So, we suggest you take back your mornings and make your priority to create a morning of mindfulness which in turn can change how your whole day unfolds.

Start the night before

          A successfully mindful morning starts the night before. Take a few minutes before bed to organize your thoughts about the events of the next day. Writing a “to-do” list can help get responsibilities out of your head, so you are not stressing about them all night. Implement a solid bedtime routine. This can involve a variety of things to signal to your mind it is time for rest. Turn off the TV and disconnect from your devices at least 45 minutes before bed. Try 10-15 minutes of meditation, a hot cup of warm water, or a warm bath. Do whatever activity helps you feel relaxed, so your body is able to transition naturally into restful sleep.

Set a gentle alarm 30 minutes early

          A mindful morning routine does take a bit of time, so give yourself about 30 minutes to wake up naturally and practice some of your rituals. Include enough time to get ready for work or to start your day. There are so many options these days for alarms with more gentle sounds, lights, or soothing music, there is no reason to wake up to a blaring alarm that startles you out of bed.

Avoid looking at your phone

          As tempting as it may be to dive right into emails, news, or social media, this is not the point of a mindful morning. Whatever is on your phone can wait 30 minutes for you to wake up properly and get your mind into a peaceful state.


Plan a mindful morning routine

          No two morning routines will look the same and you have to figure out what will work for you. Here are a few suggestions I love:


.          Start the day with some room temperature water, consuming around 18-20oz of water right off the bat allows you to start with a great foundation. Sleeping 7-8 hours will leave you dehydrated. By consuming warm water first thing simply flushes that dehydration right out.

  •    Write down 5 things you are grateful for to help put you in a positive mindset.
  •    Meditate for 5-10 minutes, just make sure you don’t fall back asleep!
  •    Practice some gentle movement or stretching.
  •     Write down your intention for the day. This should be based on how you want to feel throughout the day, not a modified to-do list.
  •    Mindfully prepare a healthy breakfast. Plan the night before by prep any ingredients you need. Feel the difference with a plant based breakfast.
  •    Write down a to-do list, but make it YOUR to-do list, rather than the list that is already waiting for you in your email.

Starting the day calmly, with plenty of time allotted to a few self-care rituals can really change how the rest of your day unfolds. So, give your morning routine a little bit of thought and plan ahead for a calm and stress-free morning. It may take some effort but I’m sure you’ll experience a more vibrant way to start your day.

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