Why We Advocate for Alkalinity

What is alkalinity? We’ve been hearing a lot about this – but not too much info has been shared as to the importance of being alkaline. It should be something that we’re all mindful of, let me share with you a simple definition, and the importance of being alkaline with a few benefits of being so.

First, what is it?

pH: The measurement of hydrogen ion concentration in the body. It’s measured from a scale from 1-14 – with 7 being neutral. A pH less than 7 is said to be acidic and solutions with a pH greater than 7 are basic alkaline. An ideal pH is slightly alkaline of 7.35 – 7.45 pH.

Here’s a short list of a few examples of how ones pH affects their bodies when being acidic.

Let’s start with one’s Digestive System…

  • Being acidic (the opposite of alkaline): Indigestion, nausea, bloating, gastric reflux are symptoms caused by excess acid in the gastro region and not enough alkaline minerals in the intestinal tract.
  • When alkaline minerals from enzyme rich foods are missing, then the pancreas will become exhausted, and once the pancreas is exhausted, it looses the ability to decode the food and tell the body what to do with it. This leads to a degenerative spiral of entropy where organs become confused and inflamed.

Moving into the Circulatory System…

  • Acidity is the principle cause of heart disease. The body responds to the acidity by lining the vessels with fatty plaques to prevent life threatening leaks, which arrest imminent death, but strain the heart because the aperture for the blood to flow through is narrower.
  • When the heart becomes completely exhausted, this is known as a heart attack.

Let’s move into the Respiratory System…

  • When tissues and organs are overloaded by acidity the transport of oxygen is strangled. This suffocation means cells cannot breath properly.
  • Every cell in our body needs to breathe new oxygen and to cleat acidic carbon dioxide to function properly.
  • When the ratio of acidity is too high, and then wastes in the form of mucus and infections and viruses build up in our lungs, which leads to colds, bronchitis, asthma, and other respiratory issues.

Following along here with the importance of being alkaline? Keep reading…

Skeletal System…

  • Pain, stiffness, swelling, inflammation of the joints (Arthritis / Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis) is the accumulation of acidity and a pH imbalance.
  • It is this accumulated acid that damages cartilage. When the cells that produce the lubricating synovial fluids and bursa fluids are acidic, this condition causes a dryness that irritates and swells the joints.

Lets look at how this balance affects our largest organ, the Integumentary System – aka – our skin…

  • When the body’s pH is out of balance then the build up of acid causes inflammation and the skin is less able to function a natural barrier against infection.
  • As a result, the skin tends to develop lesions and sores open to the surface of the body, and the formation of the skin eruptions occur like pimples and rashes.

Our Nervous System…

Acidity weakens the nervous system by depriving it of energy. This is also known as “devitalizing” or “enervation”. It makes the physical, mental, and emotional bodywork.

Moving right along to our Excretory System, also known as our Urinary System…

  • Kidneys preform the task of filtering fluids and purifying the blood.
  • When excess acids overwhelm the body, compensatory mechanisms spring into action. One of them is the pulling of alkaline minerals from our bones and dumping them into the blood.
  • When this occurs frequently enough, the minerals build up in the kidneys in the form of painful kidney stones.

Lastly, lets see how this balance of acidity and alkalinity affects our Muscular System…

  • When acidity increases in the muscle cells, it disrupts the metabolism breakdown of glucose and oxygen to energy. This means muscles perform poorly in an acidic environment.
  • An alkaline system on the other hand, allows for much better aerobic metabolism and energy for the body’s recovery from exercise.

As you can see, every organ, muscle, cell, system, bone – the balance of acidity and alkalinity effects everything. It’s absolutely essential for one to be in an oxygen rich alkaline environment to preform their best, and to optimize their bodies.

Over the past 8 years since I’ve been on this path of mine, I’ve made it a point to be in an alkaline state. By doing so, I’ve been able to prevent myself from getting sick, even from a common cold, to dealing with my autoimmune disease. Being alkaline, allows me to prevent inflammation. As a result, my sleep is deep, my performance is on key, my mental focus is sharp, my energy levels are high, I don’t have that 2pm low of the day that many people get. Total optimization!

It’s easy to be in this lifestyle, if you take a mindful approach. Eat lots of raw veggies, stay away from processed foods, sugar, and drama, stress and get some fresh air, clear some headspace, and think positively, you to can create that important balance.

When our bodies are aligned with our mind, and heart, that alignment is the Vibrancy I talk about. It’s energy, and it means everything! It’s about every touch-point. It’s about doing good for you, to do good for others!

I first got into optimizing this balance through Dr. Otto Warburg who won a Nobel Prize for proving anyone who has, will have, or has had cancer has a body that’s to acidic. Acidity is the root cause of inflammation. Inflammation is the root cause of all disease / symptoms, under the sun – from cancer, to pimples on the skin.

This is one of the main reasons we advocate for a plant based lifestyle, or eliminating the inflammatory touch points. This is foundational stuff to living an optimal lifestyle that allows your body, and mind to thrive! Don’t believe it, try out our elimination plan, and experience the difference first hand!

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